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WCR Heat Exchangers

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Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

WCR has grown to develop our own line of WCR-branded Heat Exchangers that directly compete with original manufacturers. WCR harvested the knowledge of over 30 years in the industry to create products that surpass the competition in quality and customer service. WCR engineers custom heat exchanger solutions to optimize heat transfer performance.

Replacement Parts for All Manufacturers

Heat Exchanger Plates
- WCR heat exchanger plates are designed to be direct replacements for all OEM model plate heat exchangers. We've reverse engineered the exact plate specifications to maintain nameplate performance for any plate heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger Gaskets - All gasketed plate heat exchangers require maintenance at some point in their lifetime. Gaskets should be replaced periodically to maintain function and avoid unnecessary shutdowns.


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Replacement Heat Exchanger Tube Bundles

JFD Tube and Coil Mountain States can provide replacement heat exchanger tube bundles for all manufacturer brands including Armstrong,  Bell & Gossett, Cemline, Taco, Thrush, ITT Standard, Yula and many more.  MSEC can also provide complete custom design tube bundles per customer specification in many standard and specialty alloys. 

Custom Tube BundlesDesigns include double-wall tube and double pipe heat exchangers. Sizes range from 4" to 60". Industries served include petrochemical, oil & gas industry, pharmaceuticals, power generation, HVAC, food & beverage, refrigeration, and pulp & paper.

Standard include TEMA B, C & R standards. ASME U, UM & R certified.

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JFD Tube and Coil Products

JFD Tube and Coil JFD Tube Bundles and Heat ExchangersJ.F.D. has specialized in manufacturing quality heat transfer equipment since 1983. They take pride in their ability to manufacture quality tube bundles, heat exchangers, coils, and other heat transfer equipment. Best known for their excellent standard ship times, rush option availability, and competitive prices, They have helped over 25,000 customers get their equipment back up and running.  With a knowledgeable in house engineering staff they can customized  heat exchangers to match exact dimension of your existing heat exchanger or design heat exchangers from scracth based upon your process and dimenstional requirments.  Their shop is ASME certifed holding U and UM stamps and NBIC certified for repairs with an R stamp.

Products Include:

  • Custom and standard shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Replacment tube bundles with cross references for many manufactuerers
  • Fin Coils
  • Chiller Barrels
  • Helical, serpentine, concial, coaxial, stacked and variety of tube and pipe coils

MSEC is a prefered distributor for JFD.  Call us today to help you find the right tube bundle or heat exchanger for your appliciation.