Industrial Mechanical Specialties

Industrial Mechanical Specialties

IMS   Steam Coils, Freeze-Proof Steam Coils and Unit Heaters

    Industrial Mechanical Specialities Ltd (IMS)

  • Industrial Steam Heating Coils are all welded steel coils with steel or aluminum fins
  • Standard Heating Coils or NF design "NON-FREEZE" coils.
  • Steam Heating Coils rated 250 PSI steam
  • Hot dip galvanized all stainless steel (304 and 316) heating coils available.
  • Steam Unit Heaters fare heavy duty industrial type constructed of Sch 40 steel pipe (or Sch 80 on request) with steel or aluminum fins
  • The cores are of all welded construction and are good for 250 PSI
  • All motors are heavy duty industrial type and permanently lubricated
  • All stainless steel construction available

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